Ways to say “Kiitos!”


img_1_finnbayFollowing our post on Facebook, here is a list of suggested ways to say “thank you” in Finnish

Kiitos – the de facto thank you

Kiitosta – the singular partitive of kiitos also used as thank you

Kiitti – a shortened form of kiitos

Kiitoksia  (also Paljon kiitoksia) – the plural partitive of kiitos meaning (Many) thanks

Kiitokset – plural form of kiitos, meaning thanks

Suurkiitokset – big thanks

Kiitän (or kiitämme) – from the verb kiittää (to thank), meaning I thank (or we thank)

Tattis (variation: tattista vaan) – slang from Swedish (http://urbaanisanakirja.com/word/tattis)

Tänks – slang obviously borrowed from English

Feel free to comment on this post if you have more suggestions…

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