About us

“Puhutaan suomea” is a magazine for those studying the Finnish language. It offers articles on different difficulty levels, with words explained, covering various topics about Finland, the Finnish society and the Finnish language. It also provides audio for selected articles, to facilitate the learning process also for those not living in Finland.

We empower you to speak Finnish!

The magazine team

Florin Dimulescu
founder and editor-in-chief
Florin loves getting immersed in endless language conversations. Moving to Finland in 2000 he learned Finnish the hard way, and still perfecting it. Founding the magazine was a long time dream which came through in 2013. With “Puhutaan suomea” Florin hopes to make practicing Finnish easier and more fun for others!
Anna Mertanen
Finnish language expert, editor, proofreader
Anna is a Finnish language teacher based in Madrid. She enjoys traveling, learning new things, discovering street art, taking photographs and painting. Her Finnish language kearning blog is: www.opisuomea.weebly.com
Riikka Kuningas
Finnish language expert, proofreader
Riikka has taught Finnish as a second language for 15 years to students of different backgrounds from many cultures from around the world. She loves the plain language. In her free time she listens to detective story audio-books, solves crosswords and wipes her sweat on the walking tracks and in the gym.
Aino Ojatalo
Finnish language expert, editor, proofreader
 Aino is a business student with a master’s degree in translation studies (English-Finnish). With her two young children she experiences funny everyday situations that make her think about how the Finnish language actually works.
Kaisa Halme
contributing editor, journalist
Kaisa is a journalist working at a local newspaper in the town of Nokia. She is grateful that her native language is spoken by so few people: it makes a perfect code language while traveling.
Anna Brinck
contributing editor
Anna is a Finn who has found herself living in the US as a mother of a trilingual toddler. Enjoys writing things about everyday life, multicultural families and living abroad.
Kaisa Dimulescu
collaborator, audio
Kaisa loves the richness of the Finnish language teasing her husband with it: -“Näpit jäätyy. -“Mitkä?” -“Sormet” -“Jos ne on kerran sormet, niin miksi sä et sano sormet?!” As a mother of two little kids, she spends her little spare time doing some amateur acting.
Henna Ikävalko
contributing editor, journalist
Henna works as a freelance journalist writing to various magazines. She also teaches part-time in an adult education centre. In the summer time you can usually find her driving the motorcycle in curvy roads and in the winter reading detective stories on her couch.


Past Collaborators

Nelli Mietinen
Finnish language expert, proofreader
Nelli is a Finnish language student on the homestretch of her master’s studies. Communicative phenomena and understandable language are matters close to her heart.
Kati Penttinen
editor, Finnish language expert, proofreader
Kati is a Finnish language teacher. She wants to do her bit to make sure that the world will be filled with Finnish-speaking people.
Miklós Vlasa
contributing editor, events section
A Finland fan. I don’t have Finnish roots but learned the language by speaking, during the years spent in Finland.
Antonina Chouat
contributing editor
A Bachelor of Humanities in Russian language and Culture, Antonina believes that a language is an essential part of culture and peoples’ communication and relationship. “So many languages so many identities”.
Cíes González Suárez
contributing editor, translator
Cíes is a Galician linguist who loves languages and fell in love with Finnish. She enjoys discovering all the twists that this language offers, and likes the Finnish lifestyle. Her hobbies include literature, animals and travelling.
Tina Törrönen
contributing editor
Tina is a sociology student in Greece where she has been living since 1991. She adores her mother tongue and considers herself fortunate as she has been able to turn “love into living” by working as a Finnish language teacher in Athens. She is a passionate defender of the Human Rights and works to help and support vulnerable groups of people who are exposed to suffer from social exclusion and has therefore founded an organization called Freedom Gate Greece.
Päivi Österman
contributing editor
Päivi has always been curious about other cultures and languages. She spends a lot of her free time with her dogs in volunteer search and rescue work.
Vik Nuckchady
Mauritian-Finn Vik is enthusiastic about playing and following sports, in particular football. Holidays are spent traveling and seeing the world with friends and family.


Interested to join us?

We are constantly looking for new collaborators to join our team. If you are a Finnish language enthusiast and would like to write some articles for our magazine or contribute in any other way, just contact us!

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Finnish Easy Reading Book Series

Easy Readers in Finnish

FINNISH EASY READING is an easy-to-read book series in simple Finnish, on three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The books are adapted following the author’s original style. They are suitable for those who study Finnish, as well as for Finnish natives who find the language complexity of the original texts too challenging.