Katujen nimiä – interesting Finnish street names


Watering can road

Watering can road

Finnish street names are occasionally beside extremely long, also a bit out of common. A few days ago I came across a street called “Kastelukannuntie“, that is “Watering can road“. Well, in that neighborhood they seem to have a gardening theme with regard to the street names:

Itutie – Sprout road
Siementie – Seed road
Kasvitarhantie – Plant garden road
Taimitie – Young plant road (taimi is a young plant)
Puutarhurintie – Gardener Road

Then there are roads named by people who were somehow related to the place:
Aleksis Kivenkatu“, “Mannerheimintie” or even “Kaarina Maununtyttären tie” (Kaarina daugther of Maunu Road)!

Have you come accross interesting, uncommon or even weird Finnish street names? Or in your mother tongue?

Foto: imgur.com

Foto: imgur.com

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