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HANNA – Minna Canth
First chapter, 15 pages


Level: A

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Finnish Easy Reading – Books in Easy Finnish

The magazine has been replaced by the Finnish Easy Reading book series. Puhutaan suomea magazine has been discontinued, but you can still order the whole archive!

Minna Canth
Anna Liisa

Juhani Aho

Johannes Linnankoski
Laulu tulipunaisesta kukasta

Minna Canth
Köyhää kansaa

Maria Jotuni
Kun on tunteet

Minna Canth

Finnish Easy Reading Book Series

Easy Readers in Finnish

FINNISH EASY READING is an easy-to-read book series in simple Finnish, on three levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced). The books are adapted following the author’s original style. They are suitable for those who study Finnish, as well as for Finnish natives who find the language complexity of the original texts too challenging.